Clarice Fine Art Atelier

As a young girl to draw, paint or sketch was my passion. 

Now and through my life I have always been connected to the arts.

If it wasn't for changing one art classes in high school I might never have received a scholarship to  Art Center of Design in 1972. I later attended U.C.L.A.

There for a period of time,  my exposure to the teachings and training of classical realism began. Through the years I involved myself but stopped seeking the training. For many years a career in stained glass was my art, somewhat a labor of love.

I began my studies again attending UC Berkeley evening classes in Anatomy, Figure drawing and Portrait  as well as Technique of the Masters and Color Theroy.

I extended my studies in workshops at BACAA in Foster City, The Gage Academy  of Art in Seattle, WA and evenings classes in live model workshops with David Hardy at the Atelier School of Classical Realism in Oakland. As well as Sadie Valerie Atelier in San Francisco.

So now for the past  many years I have been studying  again and want to share my journey.

I will post studies of all of my own works, present and past. Some of the studies are of other artists subjects, but my work.

I hope you enjoy my journey.


Study in graphite




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